Your Handprint
by Britt Johnson

I looked in the mirror today,
And do you know what I saw?
There was something there,
Not there three years before.
What I saw, it made no sense,
So I forgot, and gave it no thought.
I came back and looked again,
And it was just as dark as before.
It wasn't a mark I saw,
But a handprint,
A handprint on my heart.
You must have been everywhere,
Leaving your handprint behind.
But I know it was worth it,
Because I'm proud of mine.
Thank you for the gift you gave me,
For what you left within me.
I'll cherish it forever,
After all, you're one of a kind.

Sarah Krause--Fellow Orch Dork and Beloved Friend to Many. Always...
May 12, 1988 -- September 13, 2004


Taken from Britt's website 9/13/05