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It was wonderful living in the same neighborhood as Sarah. We rode the bus together to school
like everyday. We were stand buddies in 8th grade orchestra, even though she
played the viola and I played the cello. We created crazy nicknames for all the boys in school
we had crushes on so that we could still talk about them without them knowing we were
talking about them :) There are few memories of middle school and high school that don't
have Sarah in them. She was my Orch Dork buddy and she got me into Science Olympiad.
Without Sarah as my lab partner, I would not have gotten a very good grade in 10th grade
chemistry. I'm so grateful that Sarah was my friend and I will always miss her.

~  Rachel M.

I met Sarah for the first time when she started doing Science Olympiad with my dad. I never knew someone could have THAT much fun doing SCIENCE. Just watching her, seeing how much she loved science olympiad, amazed me, and still does. She never cared if she won or lost in the competition. She just had fun doing it. As the years progressed, I got to know Sarah more and more. We were in science olympiad together when she was in 8th grade, and I was in 6th, and also the year after that.

She had so much desire, and that really came out with her push for North to get a science olympiad team. She wanted that more than anyone else, and was willing to work SO hard for it. Because of her, North does have a team now, and we never would if she hadn't tried so hard. I'm so grateful for everything she's done. She had a great future ahead of her, and I'm so sorry that that had to be taken away. I still can't believe she's gone, but I know she's in a better place.

Sarah, I love you and I miss you, as do so many other people.

~ Katie M.

I had dance gym with sarah last year and she never had a frown on her face. She always cheered me up when I was down. I remember we had this inside joke "Double C, double N." in dance class. She has made a huge impact on my life in the few short months that I knew her. We talked about our plans during the summer and we even started talking about this years prom and how she was going to be in my group. When school started back up I would stop by and say hi to her for a few seconds before I went to class every day. Sarah had asked me to join the science olympiad, unfortunatley I said no b/c I was bad at science. I could go on forever about how much she means to me. All I have to say is, "Thank you Sarah for all your kind words of encouargement, I will never forget you." ~ Lauren S.

Sarah was such a great friend. She was always happy. I never saw her with a frown on her face. She always had her head held high with a big smile and she never missed saying high to me in the hall ways on our way to class. I had Spanish class with her last year(her sophmore year). It was so much fun having class with her. We sat together in class until she had to change class periods. But that didn't stop us from working together. She got special permission from Mr. Gilkey to work with Alison and me for our class projects. The three of us had so much fun making fools of ourselves for those videos. For the first video that we had to do Sarah came up with the idea that we do each others make-up really funny. But the catch was that none of us could look at ourselves until we started filming. She had us go show her family our "glamorous" makeovers. LOL. We actually filmed the video like that. It was great. And at the end of the video we taped us dancing to the "Hey Hey" song by Las Ketchup. Mr.Gilkey watched the tape and thought it was very "interesting".

When the three of us would get together to plan out the class projects, we would sometimes decide to got to the movies when we were finished. We would listen to our favorite songs on the way to the movies and we would all sing along and dance in our seats. It was so much fun. There are so many fun and entertaining memories to share about Sarah. This is just a small bouquet from a large field of roses.

We love you Sarah!

~ Megan M.

Well, we had our Orchestra contest on Friday and we got a 1. As we were playing Andante Festivo, I played as well as I could because I said to myself, "Sarah, this one is for you." Sarah is my motivation for playing my viola now. Thank you Sarah for helping me and convincing me to sit next to you the last 2 weeks you were here. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you and I know a lot of other people in orchestra that feel the same way.

Mandy H.

Wow! There are soooo many good memories! Sarah Krause was one of the best friends I have ever had! She could walk into a room and just bring smiles! I don't think I ever saw her upset. No matter what the situation was she was always there! I miss her! There are soo many good memories like...Mr. Starfruit...Ballet and Tap...Learning about the Jewish traditions and holidays...playing for endless hours...and SOOO MANY MORE! I love you, Sarah, and miss you my dear dear friend!

--Jenna C.

I don't think any words can ever express how much sarah touched everyone. Words can never express her either. I miss the clown attacks, sparkly oranges, nuts, green and orange, turtles and cows, omg I could go on forever about the inside jokes. In all respects Sarah was my sister maybe not blood but so much more. She has changed me in ways I never imagined and I'm so glad I got to know her for who she was. I really love that girl.

~Ale uno!!~ lol aka Ashley R.

Growing up with Sarah was like having a new adventure everyday. Crazy traditions just seemed to grow out of our friendship. One of these happened to be how we baked muffins shaped like stars every morning after we had sleepovers. Just in August, Sarah made me one of our special muffins for my birthday. To most people, it might seem like a silly little gift, but to us it meant so much more. It was just one of the countless treasures of our friendship.

The summer before my freshman year, Sarah came with my family and I to Florida for a week. One night, we all decided to go down to the beach and look for crabs. Since it was so dark, we all carried flashlights to see where we were going. At one point, Sarah shined her light on the boardwalk in front of us and saw the biggest beetle we had ever seen! She immediately screamed and started to panic. She was paranoid the rest of the night, using silly tactics to protect herself from the bugs. I will never forget how she could make me laugh like that.

-- Jamie /(Jamaica) M.


Sarah Krause was the greatest friend I could ever ask for. We had so many great times together. Sarah, if heaven has the internet, I would just like you to know how much you've done for me as well as many others. I love you! "Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun, like a stream that meets a border half way through the wood, who can say if I've been changed for the better but, because I knew you, I have been changed, for GOOD" ------------Rachel C.

Well, I knew Sarah for a short period of time, but she really touched me. She was my mentor for freshman day, and suprise, we were in Orchestra together! I'm a violin player and I was going to quit, but thanks to her, she made me stick to it, and im grateful, because I love it now! I loved talking to her at lunch.well, she talked mostly, but that was fine with me because I loved listening to her stories! She was real fun to be around, always had a smile on her face. I know I could never get to know her as much as some people got to, and I envy those people because they were hanging around an awesome person. And Palladio is one of my favorites too! I love you Sarah, I know your still with me, how else would I survive the North concerts! lyl!

-- Nicole

Even though I knew Sarah for a short period of time she had my heart. She was an awsome person. I am a freshmen this year of course and Sarah volunteered to help us look around. Well My friends Nicole and Emily wanted her to be our guide because everyone else looked kinda mean. Soooo right when she got up there we stood up and ran down. teehee! She told us the things we needed to know about high school such as if you don't like a big crowd go down the hallway near the cafeteria.

( I listened so I go down that hall way 4 times a day!) She touched everyone! I never imagined she would leave! She was an awsome person with her bubbley personality and her smile! I love that girl way too much!


I instantly liked Sarah from the moment I talked to her in middle school. I invited her to the only birthday party I had in middle school. I remember that she really liked bunnys. I went to her Bat Mitzvah.

In seeing more pictures of her on this website, I fully realize how out of touch we became in high school but I do remember emailing her everytime I could. She still had a crush on Joel then too. She loved science and was extremely good at it. Now I'm in science club. When I heard about Sarah's illness and death, I had already sent her an email that day... I was in total disbelief that someone I knew well was gone, forever. Death scares me as it is but this hit really close to home for me. She will be missed as a smart and beautiful young woman. ~Jessica Bowman