To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Sarah Krause and I am in tenth grade at Westerville North High School. I have a concern that I'd like to bring up with you. It has always been hard to me to find pants that fit, but lately, it has been harder then ever. Last year, I wore size 9/10, and actually, still wear it, but I am wearing the same pants that I bought last year. This year, I have only been able to find two pairs of pants that fit me- one of which were expensive name-brand pants and the other pair is somewhat on the low side, putting me in danger of indecent exposure.

In the junior department at the local stores, I get frustrated because not one pair will fit me. Most 9/10 sizes won't even fit over my hips and if they do, they are way to low or the fabric sticks out in the back. Yes, I have tried the 11/12 size but they are too big. By making girls try on bigger pants sizes, more and more girls are beginning to get more self conscious about their body image. Many, including me, absolutely hate shopping in the junior department any more. As my friend Ashley said, " I don't shop at (name of store) because I don't want to look like a slut."

Have clothing companies ever realized that not all teen girls are "cheerleader type"? These super-low hipsters really are not for everyone. They are so low that when you bend over, others can see your back end. This is only a problem when that pants can actually fit over the back end. One other thing- we are not sticks. As girls, we have something called hips, and junior pants are not made for people with hips.

Please make pants that have hips and are higher cut. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't want pants that are above my belly button- just right below it- so I, and others don't have to wear long shirts to cover themselves up. Please make pants the right size and not have 9/10 size feel like 7/8 or even 5/6. Please realize that not all girls want to wear low-rise pants and a lot, including me, are too modest to wear them. Teens don't enjoy shopping in petite, misses, or woman's departments, so I believe that a clothing line where pants fit better on people would actually be successful. Please take all of this into consideration, and if your company, or another teen clothing company you know makes these kind of pants, please let me know because I sure can't seem to find anything.


Thank you,

Sarah Krause

P.S. One last thing, make shorts that are not so short because not all girls have the body for them.