SARAH KRAUSE 1988-2004
by Sarah's friend, Katie Patterson

Sarah Krause, for those of you unfortunate to have never gotten to know her I am sorry, because you missed an amazing person. I can tell you funny stories that I remember or things that she did, but for those of you who didn’t know her they won’t have the same meaning as they do to me.

Sarah wasn’t your normal student, she loved every minute she had especially when it involved science or bunnies. There isn’t a memory of her that doesn’t involve her having a huge smile on her face. She was an optimistic person, and loved helping everyone. I have known Sarah since sixth grade. We both went to Walnut Springs and were in Builders club, which is the middle school version of Key club. We first met on a Builders club field trip, it was a hot day and she wouldn’t give me her ribbon since it had bunnies on it.

Anyway, I really got to know her during seventh grade when we were both on the PAWS team.

I sat next to her at the beginning of the year and she was always talking my ear off. It didn’t bother Sarah that she was doing more than her fair share of the talking, and while I was more of a listener, we got along fine.

She told me all about Science Olympiad, but not getting the same joy out of science she did I never felt inspired to join.

In one of our English projects we had to write a skit about our 30 year high school reunion, in which Sarah was a chemist and had invented non-burning fire. While it seems random a weird that was simply who Sarah was, and the kind of thing she would make up.

Sarah had a heart of gold, and was willing to walk home with me after school because my side of the neighborhood didn’t get a bus. She would see me walking by myself and instead of getting on her bus she would walk home with me. She loved the exercise, and I thought she was nuts.

It was during these long walks home that Sarah and I got to know each other, I learned about her obsession with bunnies and science, and she learned one of my favorite words, nea. Okay, maybe it isn’t a word but I used it all the time in middle school at it became the word for anything Sarah didn’t know how to describe. We also gave each other the nicknames Loser #1 and Loser #2. Sarah insisted she was Loser #1 but I don’t remember.

In high school we rode the same bus to school and Sarah and I would continue to talk in the morning and afternoon. Sarah would inform me of all kinds of random Orchestra jokes. Or that the five second rule had been scientifically proven, it really is safe to eat food that hasn’t been on the floor for more than five seconds. The exact details are a little fuzzy, but I assure you that that part is true. I can also tell you that I heard that story several times that morning because Sarah had a love for sharing her random knowledge with everyone. Her stories never lost enthusiasm as the day went on either.

Last year in Honors Chemistry, Sarah found great joy in stealing my calculator and looking at the periodic table. She wanted desperately to get a TI-83+ but her mom wouldn’t let her until she needed it. When she did get one this year it was the newest kind so I was then the jealous one. She also had a poster of the periodic table over her bed and she also wanted a John Mayer CD because it had a periodic table on the front of the CD.

That was just Sarah and you could think she was a geek but she was proud to be a geek so you couldn’t help but laugh. She also loved the element song. For those of you have never heard the element song you have missed one of Sarah’s favorites, unfortunately I can’t sing it but perhaps if we all ask nicely possibly Mr. Weigman would sing it for us.

That brings me to music which is another of Sarah’s passions. She played viola and would not let you forget. If you are like me and know very little about string instruments, know this there is a distinct difference between viola and violin.

Sarah also really liked the Pirates of the Caribbean sound track and the musical Wicked. In fact, you weren’t really her friend unless you were forced to listen to Wicked. Her folders this year for school were covered in pictures from the Wicked. She wanted it to come to Columbus so that she could take all of her friends to see it.

I could go on for hours telling you about her fishy purse, and how many times I told her I would never give it back. Or about how she would turn red in the face when you teased her about liking boys. I could also tell you about the weird string instrument she wanted to get and that she had memorized the exact price, but I can’t remember what is was called. She loved her viola so much she wouldn’t leave it as school over night because the temperature in the school would mess it up.

Sarah was always thinking of the most random things but it didn’t matter because just by being Sarah you had to listen to her.

We miss you Sarah. You are an amazing person and you have impacted our lives in so many ways that we can’t count.