I wrote the following after hearing about how my friends "lost" a Humane Society dog on a walk, in the name of teaching their children community responisibilty. It took several days for the Humane Society to find the lost animal. The children's response to the loss was, " Mom, just write them a check!." Perhaps they should have.



Now dogless, the Capital Area Humane Society released a press notice this morning announcing their closure. With no dogs, their mission of keeping stray dogs captive no longer seems relevant. “All animals deserve the dignity of freedom,” responded Temple Israel volunteer Lesli M., after releasing the captives one by one into the wilderness. For the past several years Temple Israel has volunteered to walk the captives annually, gaining the trust and respect of the Capital Area Humane Society.

“What is more humane than setting innocent lives free?” cried Lesli’s supportive husband, Mike. Dogs could be seen in far reaching corners of the city yapping and jumping for joy. “As we remember our ancestors in Egypt, so shall their ancestors remember this day.”

Members of this Mitzvah Day Brigade no doubt had a memorable day.

In their closing press release, the Capital Area Humane Society warned other organizations about Temple Israel’s Mitzvah Day volunteers. In response, Lesli and Mike referenced the Gahanna Lion as being another success story. “Next year in Jerusalem? NO! Next year at the Zoo.”